Why You Need a Travel Agent

As the world is now opened back up to travel, you may be thinking of planning your next relaxing vacation.  And no matter if you’re a seasoned travel pro or a newbie, booking your vacation this year through a travel agent is a great idea.

Think of a travel agent as a one-stop-shop vacation expert.  You’ll have someone to plan top-notch trips, search for the best deals, and offer you essential travel tips.

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7 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent in 2022

Every dollar counts, make sure you get your money’s worth

7.  Lower Costs

Many people shy away from using a travel agent because they think it will cost them more than just booking the trip on their own.  This belief is a common misconception and is totally untrue!  In fact, you typically will end up saving money by booking a getaway through a travel agent compared to booking on your own!

Travel agents don’t work for a specific company or supplier so they are happy to compare value and costs to offer you the experience that best suits your needs personally.

Cafe in Paris

6.  Unique Connections

Travel Agents work with hotels and resorts every day, which means they have unique connections.  On top of getting great deals for your trip, you’ll get to stay at luxurious hotels you never thought you’d be able to stay in and plan the experiences of your dreams.

  • Looking for a reservation at a charming cafe in Paris?  Get ready to request “Le Fromage” (A Cheese plate)
  • Want to ski in the Swiss alps?  Better purchase a cute ski outfit!
  • Need museum recommendations?  You won’t even have to Google it!
  • Want a beautiful swimmable beach?  Get that bikini ready!

5.  The Small Details

There are small details you may not know to look for when using an online booking engine.  I mean, let’s face it, when you finally have the time to research your trip, you’re probably tired and multi-tasking and not paying attention to the details. 

For example, that flight you’re about to book with the great pricing may include;

  • No use of the overhead bins.
  • No ability to select your seats.
  • A really long layover.
  • Connections with two separate airlines, which would require you to collect your things from baggage claim, recheck them with the new airline, and still make your connection.

4.  Convenience

Can you imagine being able to go to the airport and get on the plane without having to worry about anything else?  Yep, that is totally possible!  Your travel agent will plan every step of your trip, from destination research to flights to accommodations to excursions–no detail is left overlooked.  Travel agents usually go out of their way to make sure every detail is perfect and include extras that you may not even think of (like a bottle of champagne waiting in your room on arrival!)

3.  Low Travel Stress

Whether flying, cruising, or driving, traveling can be overwhelming and quite stressful at times.  Booking through a travel agent can help relieve stress because every detail is planned out; you just have to show up!  Additionally, if anything goes wrong such as a canceled flight or weather emergency, your travel agent can handle it and make the necessary changes.  This travel assistance creates a low-stress environment and makes the overall trip much more enjoyable!

2.  Destination Expertise

Here’s a fun fact!  Travel Agents love to travel as much as they love to plan travel.  Because of this, no one knows your dream destination better than your travel agent.  You’ll receive recommendations for unique hotels and resorts from someone who has experienced the destination firsthand.  Try as you might, you won’t find these personalized recommendations from an online booking engine!

Suitcase with passport, boarding pass and covid passport on the mobile

1.  COVID Travel Restrictions and Requirements

This year, be prepared to deal with COVID restrictions, mandates, and requirements if traveling internationally.  Because each country has different requirements based on where you’re traveling from and your vaccination status, things can get pretty confusing and overwhelming.  Your travel agent will be able to ease some of this confusion and let you know all the essential steps you need to take before the day of your trip.  From testing requirements to vaccination mandates to mandatory health insurance, and quarantine periods, you’ll be well informed and prepared.   

I Have a Confession.

It’s me.  I’m the “Travel Agent” described here.  Everything mentioned above is what I do for each and every one of my clients on every trip I book.

So, if you’re thinking NOW is the perfect year to get back to traveling, contact me to experience stress-free vacationing.

Once you experience all these benefits, you’ll never want to go back to booking vacations on your own!

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