Drinking Elephants in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

What you MUST know before you go to South Africa

South Africa is a great place to learn about the past from Nelson Mandela to the harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. And of course, with the political reformations that have taken place in Modern times, it has been appealing for many to go visit there.

These are some great reasons to visit South Africa, however, there are some things that you MUST know before you go there. This will help to make your trip a lot smoother, so you know what to expect when you get there, and you aren’t taken aback.

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Pay attention to your location and be aware of your surroundings.

Just like any place that you go there are nice parts and not so nice parts. In the cities of South Africa, these differences can be found within one block of each other. It is recommended that when you see suspicious activity for you not to engage and go the other way.

Keep everything you bring with you simple.

Don’t pack anything expensive (clothing or jewelry). Bring affordable clothing and technology. Pay attention to where you are.  If you show off expensive items or that you have money, you can expect unwanted attention or thieves to be interested in you and you definitely don’t want that.

Don’t be flashy with your money when you are dealing with vendors.

They will try to take advantage of you and charge you more for items that don’t have to be pricey.

Rent a simple and affordable car that will get you around.

When you are renting a car there, don’t get a fancy car. Car theft is common in South Africa. It is highly advised that you don’t get a convertible and that you do all of your highway driving before sunset as that’s when car theft is more popular. Driving yourself around South Africa is relatively safe, but you might want to learn on the local laws and road etiquette before hitting the road.

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South Africa is such a diverse country so be open-minded.

A famous South African, Desmond Tutu, described South Africa as, “We of many cultures, languages, and races become one nation. We are the Rainbow People of God.”  There are 11 different languages there so that’s pretty unique and awesome.  It’s important to remain alert to stay safe and respect the culture.

Doing further research about the country will help you avoid any stressful situations and make your trip a lot more enjoyable for everyone. Even better consider joing Glamma Travels Tribe on a group trip to South Africa in October 2024! We’d love to have you with us and we enjoy doing the research and making it easy for you!

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