Tips to help introverts get the most out of travel

Introverts Love to Travel Too!

If you’re an introvert who dreams of traveling the world but aren’t sure you’ll be able to handle things like the crowds, socializing, and activities that come along with it, let me be the first and hopefully not last to tell you; that you absolutely can! Although traveling is about getting outside of your comfort zone, there are many ways that you can stay firmly within your limits even while you’re in a new place.

Here are six tips to help introverts get the most out of travel.

Say No to Roommates.

Although it may cost you more money, booking a room alone may be just what you need to unwind. After a long day of sightseeing and social interaction, being able to come back to your room and just be, might be what you need. And don’t forget your favorite book, journal, or playlist to help you unwind each day.

Schedule Down Time.

Suppose it’s your first time in a new and fabulous location.  You’ll probably face the temptation to cram your itinerary full of sightseeing and activities. Try to ignore this temptation. If you’re the type of person who needs alone time or relaxation time at home, you should plan to need that when traveling. So, see the sights, and when you’re done, head back to that big empty room you booked. 

ALL of Glamma Travels Group Trips include scheduled down time with nothing planned.

Book Guided Tours or Activities.

While you can easily explore on your own, booking a guided experience can give you the chance to meet people in a structured way. The guide will also take care of planning and navigating every detail, so you’ll be able to focus on the activity at hand and avoid draining your social battery.

A great reason to join a Glamma Travels Group Trip!

If You’re Traveling in a Group, Schedule Solo Time to Explore at Your Own Pace.

If you’re traveling with a group, it’s good to schedule at least a few hours here and there to be alone and enjoy your destination at your own pace. You could do something simple like getting breakfast on your own or sitting at a cafe and journaling. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy but giving yourself the chance to indulge in your introversion will allow you to be more extroverted in other moments.

Extroverts Might Not Understand.

When you’re opting to skip an activity or social interaction, you might hear comments or questions like, “Did you come all this way to stay in your room?” or ” You’re missing everything!” The truth is, extroverts just don’t get it, and that’s ok. You have every right to vacation the way that’s right for you. Please do your best to ignore these comments and questions; they don’t usually come from a mean-spirited place.  

The Glamma Travels Tribe welcomes our introverted travelers, and we encourage everyone to enjoy their vacation doing whatever makes them happy! You will get no pressure from us to be a part of the group all the time, we actually understand.

Don’t Worry About the Things You Think you “Have” to Do –

Do What You Want to Do!

There are always those attractions and sights that are so incredible it seems criminal to skip them during your trip. And while some of those attractions are worth it, constantly doing things because you think you have to check them off an imaginary list can be very draining. Instead, make sure you’re experiencing your vacation in a way that makes you happy.

Whether traveling alone or in a group, there are ways for an introvert to stay fresh and energetic and make sure they are accommodating their own needs on their trip. So, embrace your introversion and quirkiness and explore the world in your unique way. 

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