The Road to Hana: The Top 5 Reasons It’s the Best Experience in Maui

The Road to Hana, also known as the Hana Highway, is one of Maui’s most beautiful and scenic
experiences. Yup, that’s right, an experience, not an attraction. When it comes to visiting the Hana
Highway, it’s all about the journey and much less about the destination. While only 52 miles long, this
highway is a journey for both your emotional and physical senses. With an average speed limit of 25
mph or less throughout the road, you’ll experience twisty turns, deep curves, and many one-lane
bridges. Because of this, you have no choice but to slow down and completely soak up the most colorful
views of the beautiful island of Maui.

Here are the top five reasons why you should explore the Road to Hana on your next vacation to Maui:

  1. Visit Small Local Towns

Part of the beauty of traveling is experiencing different cultures. Hana Town is one of the best small
towns in Hawaii and offers scenic views and friendly faces. Along the Road to Hana, you’ll pass little
towns and villages on your drive. Stop in and meet locals, purchase fresh fruit from roadside stands, and
share a smile.

  1. Support Local Artisans

The Nahiku Marketplace, located around mile marker 29 of the Road to Hana, is a local artisan market
with many beautiful things to see. Purchase authentic Hawaiian food from roadside food vendors, visit
the pop-up shops that display local artisans’ work, and take home a piece of art to commemorate your

unforgettable journey on the Road to Hana.

  1. Escape to Quieter Beaches

Who doesn’t love to feel like you’re on a remote beach all to yourself? While driving on the Road to
Hana, you’ll pass some of the most beautiful, pure, and quiet beaches. You’ll see white, pink, and even
black sand beaches. Ho’okipa Beach and Wai’anapanapa State Park will make the perfect pit stop to dip
your feet in luscious blue water.

  1. Go Chasing Waterfalls

When in Hawaii, chase waterfalls. Hawaii is full of beautiful waterfalls, but the Road to Hana has so
many it’s hard to keep track. Some of the falls on the Road are easy to access for a dip in the water while
others require a bit more hiking. Hanawai Falls, Pua’a Ka’a Falls, and Twin Falls are a few popular spots
for people to snap an epic photo and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

  1. Unwind and Slow Down

Don’t look at the Road to Hana as a checklist item to do while visiting Maui; look at the Road as an
opportunity to open your eyes and truly soak in the culture, beauty, and peace that the island has to
offer. The 52-mile highway may not be the fastest route you’ve ever taken in life, but it is guaranteed to
be the most memorable journey you’ve ever driven. The Road to Hana is one of those experiences you’ll
never forget, a truly unforgettable moment in your journey.

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