Frank Picot, affectionately known as PopPop, is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Glamma Travels LLC. A retired United States Navy Chief with over 20 years of service, Frank has been to over 40 countries in his career. During his time of service he dreamed of being able to take his wife and children to the beautiful and intriguing places that he visited. His time in the military provides him with special insights owed to his many briefings and courses on the different cultures and customs of the people in the world around us.

Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens and COO at Glamma Travels, Frank is the epitome of, “never met a stranger”. His uncanny ability to bring together groups of people and make everyone feel comfortable is a gift Glamma Travels has utilized in creating group cruises and getaways for friends and family reunions. 

Excited to begin a new chapter of life, Frank is eager to invite all of his friends and family to join him in his journeys of continuing to explore the world.