Nine Tips to Surviving Long Flights

So, you’re ready to start tackling your travel bucket list. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Pyramids of Egypt, The Deserts of Dubai, or even Mount Fuji in Tokyo.  These beautiful destinations have one thing in common; you must take a long flight to get there.

Even if you fly out of major cities like Dallas, Chicago, or New York, you’re looking at spending a long time on a plane.

  • Chicago to Paris – 8 hours
  • New York to Egypt – 10 hours
  • Dallas to Dubai – 14 hours
  • New York to Tokyo – 14 hours

Just the thought of a long flight might make you want to destroy your bucket list.  But before you take that eraser to your list, put the pencil down, and check out these tips for surviving long flights. 

Just Ask:

To begin with, you can always ask for an upgrade from your economy class ticket to business class, economy plus, or even first class. And if no free upgrades are available, consider paying for the upgrade. Upgrading your seat will improve your overall flight experience. You will have more legroom, comfier chairs, and priority boarding options. Those improvements alone will make your long flight more enjoyable.

Pack Snacks:

Let’s face it. When you’re sitting for long periods, binging your favorite Netflix show, you need snacks.  Just because you’ll be sitting in an airplane seat doesn’t change this.  Yes, the flight will include a few rounds of pretzels or biscoff cookies, but that probably won’t be enough.

Bring the Essentials:

 Make sure you are carrying the things you need to keep yourself entertained. Pack your headphones, especially if you enjoy listening to music. Noise-canceling headphones will also keep plane noise at bay. Since you’ll have your headphones, you can also download your favorite movies, games, and TV shows on your mobile phone/tablet to keep yourself both engaged and entertained until you finally get to your destination. Don’t forget to pack extra chargers and a power bank just to be on the safe side.

Stay Comfortable:

Another essential tip to surviving long-haul flights is to ensure that you carry the things that will keep you comfortable. Consider bringing sleep masks, neck pillows, a blanket, warm socks, and your favorite hoodie or sweater. These items will keep you comfortable, and you can use and remove them as you see fit.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

Don’t forget to stay hydrated. The plane’s filtration system can lead to itchy eyes, dry throat, and dehydration. During a long flight, dehydration can make you feel sick and dizzy and can even cause you to pass out. Avoid this by simply hydrating throughout your long flight.

Stay Loose:

Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes while on the flight. Try to avoid wearing clothing that is tight and restrictive. As cute as those clothing options might be, they will do nothing for your comfort on a long flight!

Carry Extra Masks:

This is our reality in 2023. Covid is still killing people.  Carry extra masks in your carry-on so you can change them if yours gets soiled from sweating, sneezing, or drinking. Airports and airplanes are very crowded now days.

Fly at Night:

The best way to survive a long flight is to sleep through it.  Book an evening flight.  Once the pilot dims the lights and you pull out the eye mask, noise canceling headphones, and blanket you packed, you’ll be on your way to sleeping through most of your trip.

Stay Fresh:

After a 10–14-hour flight, you might feel a little icky.  Especially if you were able to sleep a lot during the flight. Make sure you have your essential toiletries handy in case you need to freshen up a little bit. 

Just because the flight is long doesn’t mean it has to be a miserable experience.  Long flights are a means of getting you to your vacation and creating unforgettable memories. Don’t put off your bucket list because it requires a long flight, just take a few of these tips and your time on the plane will just….