Natural Highlights of Costa Rica 9/25/21 to 10/03/21 SOLD OUT!

Nat-Geo Journey

Home to lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and an astonishing diversity of wildlife, Costa Rica has long been a leader in conservation and the protection of natural heritage. Experience this gorgeous Central American nation on a fun-filled adventure, taking you from the foot of an active volcano to the misty highlands and Pacific coast. Hear from a researcher at the National Geographic–supported Monteverde Institute, learn the art of tortilla-making with a local family, and seek out the country’s unique creatures—from blue morpho butterflies to howler monkeys—on hikes through the forest.This is a text block. You can use it to add text to your template.

Is This For Me?

Travel Style: National Geographic Journey
Greater Exploration, insider access, and the freedom to roam – all without sacrificing comfort.

Service Level: Upgraded
Quality accommodations and inclusions like meals, private transports and activities.

Physical Rating: 2-Light
Light Walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing challenging.

Trip Type: Small Group
Small Group experience; Max 16, avg 12.

Age Requirement: 12+
All travelers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
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