My list of must have items for Bali

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Our travel Tribe is getting ready to take over the island of Bali and there are a few things that I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget.

Have you ever heard of Bali belly? Bali is a beautiful tropical paradise and the water isn’t potable. You cannot drink the water OR brush your teeth with it. Always use bottled water, carbonated is a plus. There are parasites and organisms on the island that our bodies aren’t used to and therefore we are subject to “Bali belly” and some real uncomfortable bathroom time. This is also my #1 reason for recommending that everyone purchase some sort of travel insurance. My first few “must pack” items are related to staying well on your trip.

  1. Activated Charcoal -this should help if you come down with a stomach illness.
  2. anti-diarrhea medications
  3. antacids or pepto-bismal and travel sickness meds such a meclizine for nausea
  4. IV hydration or gatorade packets in case of illness.
  5. Bug repellent -them mosquitos messed me up bad in the Maldives, protect yourself. Bring ointment too.

It will be hot and humid in Bali during our trip. There are a few things that may make your trip easier.

  1. Shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, comfortable clothes and shoes/water shoes. Dress for the tropical island we are visiting. You will be able to purchase sarongs and cover-ups or anything you may need for visits to the temple for very reasonable prices once we are there. We are packing light and leaving room for things we purchase while there.
  2. Beachwear, including sunscreen and sunglasses. We are spending half of our time at beach resorts. The other half will be at a beautiful resort spa in the mountains and I plan on enjoying the pool.
  3. Portable fans! Listen, my Tribe is ALWAYS prepared and these fans are ALWAYS a blessing. Please don’t forget yours! The neck fans are a favorite but I really do love the handheld ones that you can blow directly into your face as well.
  4. Washcloths. I know, crazy “must pack” item, right? But I promise you should go to Walmart and buy a pack or 2 and stick it in your luggage. Not only will it come in handy when you can’t find them in the hotels, they are GREAT to wet with cold water and carry with you in the humidity.

My final “must pack” item would definitely be a crossbody bag or daypack to wear when you are out and about exploring. Even a waterproof fanny pack or something of that nature so that you can protect your belongings and keep them with you during beach time.

I hope this list helps you decide what your “must have” items for Bali will be. We look forward to seeing you all soon!