How to Travel for Wellness

The pressures of this world weigh heavily on us as adults, maybe more now than ever.  If you don’t believe it, ask yourself; are you constantly getting headaches, are your neck and shoulders stiff, are you having trouble sleeping at night, do you feel butterflies in your belly or heart palpitations at random times?

You see, we are programmed to be tough and push through, but our bodies will never lie to us.  While we can’t cure the pressures and stressors this world places upon us, we can take some time for mental, physical, and emotional healing.  If a light bulb is going off and a wellness trip is starting to sound better and better, let this guide help you curate your perfect wellness vacation.

Pick Your Destination.

The first step to planning a wellness retreat is figuring out exactly where you want to go.  One of the best options is group trip with Glamma Travels because there’s so little that you’ll need to plan and stress over.  From the moment you start your journey, you will work to calm your mind, heal your spirit, and recenter your purpose. 

Research Natural Hot springs and other Natural Therapeutic Destinations.

You don’t need to stick to spas during your wellness retreat.  Instead, you get creative and add natural hot springs and similar destinations that promote relaxation and wellness.  We will be visiting Banjar Village in Bali to visit the Hot Springs (with the possibility for swimming), and to visit Brahma Vihara Arama, the Buddhist temple. You can even book a stay at the hotel that’s located at different springs and participate in spa treatments delivered in treatment rooms or whileyou’re soaking in the warm waters.  For example, you can purchase a natural clay mask to use while in the springs in Costa Rica.

Activate Do Not Disturb Mode.

So often, we feel that if an incredible backdrop surrounds us, it’s okay to glue ourselves to our laptops and phones.  This isn’t the case with wellness travel.  If you’re going to travel for wellness, the very first thing you’ll need to do is turn off all your notifications and turn on do not disturb.  You’ll make exceptions for family obligations, but those do not apply to the pressures of the office.  Put on your out-of-office reply and stick to it.   Try your best to avoid your phone throughout the course of the trip.  If you need your phone for photos and videos, keep it on airplane mode.   Take your vacation time and ensure your coworkers know you’re not reachable throughout your trip.

Focus on What Wellness Means to You.

The most important thing to consider when planning a wellness retreat is what the term “wellness” means to you and pinning down your goals for the trip.  Are you hoping to relax, get a massage, and read a book that’s been on your list for ages?  Or are you hoping for full-body treatments, including a Manis/Pedis and a fresh haircut?  Either way, you can make that happen!  Just make sure you’re planning a trip that prioritizes your wellness – not anyone else’s!