How the Little Mermaid continues to inspire our voyages.

One of my very first movie memories is Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks, and John Candy in Splash. “Splash” is a classic film that has ignited the imagination and fascination with mermaids in many people. It’s amazing how movies can leave a lasting impact on us and shape our interests. I’m pretty sure this movie is the beginning of my mermaid love affair. I know every word by heart. I remember spending hours dreaming about what my tail would be like when I finally figured out how to unlock my secret mermaid identity. Make absolutely no mistake about it, I have always known that I am a mermaid.

Technically, I was “too old” for Disney cartoons in 1989 when Disney released The Little Mermaid. That didn’t stop me from being front and center to watch it opening weekend. And I loved EVERYTHING about this movie! Even though it was a cartoon, it gave rise to my imagination. This movie gave me a determination to explore the underwater world. See, you never know when you are being inspired or when you will use that inspiration in life.

Glamma's tribe explores under the sea

As I begin to explore more of the world, I’m absolutely thrilled to also experience more of life “under the sea”. A few of my favorite expeditions include snorkeling in Cancun, snuba in Cozumel, playing with stingrays in Grand Cayman, and my unbelievable bonding experience with the fishies in Jamaica. Speaking of Jamaica, Sebastian wasn’t lying. I LOVE the fish they put in the pot, looks so good on my plate. 😊

Last year I went on a cruise to Alaska and saw things that I never imagined I would see. In my wildest dreams I had never considered whales leaping out of the water in front of our cruise ship or being followed by pods of orca. It can be so surreal, like living a dream. Are those whales dancing? There is no way that I could’ve ever imagined waking up to room service delivering my coffee and stepping onto my balcony to play peek-a-boo with a sea otter just feet away from me.

I’ve been living my BEST mermaid life, y’all!

Being a mermaid is my legacy, even more than being the Tribal Chief. You see, my granddaughters are mermaids. My daughters are mermaids. Most of the little cousins and nieces that come to visit me find their magic and are transformed into mermaids. There’s even a whole history about us. How our ancestors jumped off slave ships into the Caribbean Sea and that’s why when we visit certain islands, our magic is activated. I’ve taught them all!

So, I was totally clueless. I had no idea, y’all. Who knew we needed a new Little Mermaid?

I mean, it sounded cute. I was happy to see that a new generation of little girls would have their “Splash” moment with the movie remake of Disney’s Little Mermaid starring a live mermaid. I was going to go see it but honestly, I’m a full-grown mermaid and it is just a movie, right?


Baby, listen! It’s not JUST seeing a BLACK mermaid as the STAR of a movie. That’s a whole other bag to unpack for later. It’s not JUST hearing her belt out those song lyrics with such power and strength. It’s not JUST looking around the movie theater and seeing a bunch of GROWN a$$ women (I’m assuming they were mermaids in disguise) in their 40’s and 50’s watching this amazing rendition of one our childhood favorites in wonder and delight. It’s not JUST realizing that Disney did the thang by creating space for EVERYONE with mermaids from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

It’s so much MORE than even the sum of all those things combined.

You see when I didn’t even understand the possibility of exploring the unknown, I was touched and directed by movies that would shape my life. It’s absolutely no coincidence that I do what I do, or that I’m so good at it. I don’t argue with the folks that “already been there” because they stopped at a cruise port twice, I focus on the people that will allow me to show them places and experiences that are beneath the surface.

I realize that now days everyone wants to plan every single detail and know everything in advance so that they can google and YouTube and relieve anxiety by hoping to know everything before it happens. I also know that when people go on a group trip with Glamma Travels there is always some sort of unexpectedness, a bit of “wow”. I know that surprises can be fun for everyone and that not knowing every detail won’t hurt anyone.

So, here’s the scuttlebutt 😊

I’ve planned a cruise March 23-30, 2024, from San Juan, Puerto Rico with stops in some of the most stunning islands like Tortola, BVI; Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe; Bridgetown, Barbados; Castries, St. Lucia; and a starry, late-night departure from St. John’s, Antigua – before heading back to Puerto Rico, and now I’m even more inspired to share a safe space for all of the mermaids and mermen of our generation that would like to join me in exciting new adventures aboard the brand new Brilliant Lady Mermaid Ship by Virgin Voyages.

Mermaid Voyage with Glamma Travels

This will be a voyage that you don’t want to miss. Virgin Voyages is an adults-only, all-inclusive cruise line that does cruising differently. We hope to welcome you all on board!