Let's Celebrate

Some of us have very complicated relationships with our moms. Some of us have complicated relationships with our children. Some of us our missing our mothers and some of us are trying to figure out how these Mother/Daughter relationships work.

It’s not easy. This Mother thing is hard all the way around. And often, we don’t feel like celebrating, we do it for the smiles on our families faces.

This year Glamma Travels is planning a Mother’s Day Cruise. This cruise isn’t going to be a normal Mother’s Day Celebration, let’s consider it an escape from Motherhood reality. Whether that means you lost your mom, struggle with your relationship with mom, or you and your mom are bffs and she helps you all the time!

Let’s just be free to be who we are in the moment. No expectations. No mass texts (turn the phone off). No anxiety. Just BE in the moment, on the ship, in life.

The Fantasy Class Carnival Elation will be escorting us to Freeport and Bimini.

Freeport, the main city of Grand Bahamian, is also known as the center for tourism in the Bahamas.     

Bimini – You already know what I am looking forward to!  Pigs and Reef sharks!

Here are some pics from previous cruises.