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Jamaican Getaway

Okay, Now what?

I recommended that people stay close to home for the next few months as we learn to Navigate a New World, as my last blog was titled. I’m not comfortable with going to a country that will require a negative test within a certain number of hours prior to travel.

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A Letter to my Grandchildren

The world is changing. I pray that when my grandchildren inherit this earth it is a better place than when we took over it. I love my grandchildren, even those not yet born. I want them to be safe in a country that our family has always served. I want them to be proud of me like I am proud of my ancestors. I want them to know that I marched for Trayvon, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner.

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Is this really my life???

7 days ago my 17-year-old daughter ran away from home. Packed a suitcase, left her telephone, walked out the door and I haven’t been able to find her anywhere. I don’t know if I can describe what this feels like because even though I’ve raised 5 children, this is the very first time that I have EVER not known where ANY of my children were for this long.

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Loving black dad kissing his happy little daughter

Dear Black Dad

Black man, when I was little you were my superman. I remember sitting up a little straighter when you told your friends they couldn’t curse around me, I knew I was special to you. You have always protected me. As I grew older you taught me so many things.

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