Glamma Travels to South Africa 10/15/24-10/24/24

The Mother City “Visit Cape Town and history is never far from your grasp. It lingers in the air, a scent on the breeze, an explanation of circumstance that shaped the Rainbow People. Stroll around the old downtown and it’s impossible not to be affected by the trials and tribulations of the struggle. But, in […]

2024 Graduation Celebration Cruise!

Congratulations to all of the 2024 Graduates!  Now it is time to celebrate and Glamma has just the right Idea.   A Cruise!! We think you should have a great time at sea. Carnival Liberty feels the same way! This is one ship that’s ready to put its fun where your vacation is, with plenty of […]

Glamma’s Thailand Takeover 03/28/25 to 04/02/25 with Bali add-on available!

Book Now! The Land of Smiles Travel with Glamma as we Takeover Thailand.  We have 6 days planned of exploring, immersion and fun!  Join the Tribe on this Southeast Asian experience! Eat, Pray, Love. Bali 2024 was a “Tribe Vibe”.  We have an exclusive 5 day add-on to Thailand Takeover: Eat, Pray, Love 2025! Find […]

Glamma’s Birthday Cruise – Adults Only 05/28/25 to 06/01/25

Book Now A Celebration Glamma’s birth month is May and for 2025 she has decided to be celebrate with you!    We have planned a four day Caribbean sailing with accommodations onboard the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady. Book Now Scarlet Lady The Scarlet Lady is the inaugural ship for the new Virgin Voyages cruise line. […]

My list of must have items for Bali

Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Our travel Tribe is getting ready to take over the island of Bali and there are a few things that I wanted […]

Greek Island Cruises

Greek Island Cruises – The Best Way to Travel Through Greece You’ll never forget how beautiful Greece is when you experience it firsthand during a GreekIsland Cruise. Sparkling waters, black sand beaches, vibrant sunsets, and towering whitetemples from an ancient Grecian period; are all awaiting you in the stunning country of Greece.Greece is unmatched in […]

5 Authentic Experiences You Must Try in South Africa

A trip to South Africa should be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list. With endless landscapes, rich cultural history, tongue-tantalizing cuisines, and wines, you can’t help but have the time of your life here!

5 Travel Ideas for South Africa

If you’re thinking about going to South Africa and aren’t entirely sure what you would like to do when you get there… We have some ideas that can help you get excited!