Amazon Finds for Travelers

What consitutes a junkie? If you have packages ariving weekly or more or an endless saved for later or wish list, you might have a problem.

Six Reasons to Visit the Maldives

The Maldives is the perfect combination of luxury and tranquility, and with fantastic weather all year round, it’s the ideal place to visit any time of yea

7 Things You Must Experience in Dubai

You can go on a desert safari to see the natural views of the Arabian desert.  There are also thrilling sports activities like sandboarding and quad biking for adventure lovers. 

Nine Tips to Surviving Long Flights

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10 Resolutions for Wanderers

It’s so important to remember that even though not every travel experience is going to be perfect (some might be down-right terrible), we should still find a way to be grateful for each and every one of them anywa