Amazon Finds for Travelers

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If you’re like most people, you’re an Amazon junkie. What constitutes a junkie? If you have packages arriving weekly or more or an endless saved for later or wish list, you might have a problem. The good news is you’re not alone; the bad news is your list is about to get longer. 

Check out this list of Amazon must-haves for travelers. 

Luggage Scale

Have you ever packed and worried about being over the weight limits? Next time use a handheld luggage scale. Simply attach the scale to the handle of your luggage and pick it up by the scale’s straps, and voilà you know the weight of your bag. The scale is super helpful on your return trip after you have done all your shopping!

Travel Blankets

If you get chilly on flights, the travel blanket will be your new best friend. This cozy blanket easily folds into a compact pillow, but when you open it up, it can give you full-body warmth. And don’t worry about having one more thing to carry; simply attach it to your suitcase using a Caribiner clip. 

Face Mask Guard.

Put the guard under your mask to create a little space. Requirements are ever changing and this is especially helpful for those long, crowded, full flights. This $10 gadget will;

  • Make it easier to breathe under your mask, especially when spending hours at the airport
  • Prevent your glasses from fogging up
  • Protect that gorgeous lipstick! 

Foldable, Lighted Travel Mirror

Who thinks the lighting in hotels is great, especially when doing your makeup? Next time, bring your own lighting. This mirror folds up for easy travel storage and comes with lighting in three colors and assorted options for brightness. 

Beach Chair Clips

Because how are you supposed to get that epic selfie when your beach towel keeps flying in your face! Use these clips to keep those towels in their place!

Gimbal Stabilizer

Have you ever wondered why your vacation excursion videos seem shaky? It’s impossible or at least challenging to keep your phone steady, especially when in motion. Try a stabilizer on your next vacation tour or excursion for clear smoothness! In addition to holding your phone steady, your gimbal will come with a tripod for hands-free photography and videography. 

Packing Cubes

What’s so great about packing cubes? The best thing about them is they help you stay organized. Imagine arriving at your destination and knowing exactly where that top is you want to wear to dinner since you have a separate cube for your shirts. Or imagine opening your suitcase and grabbing the cube you used to pack your kids’ stuff? It doesn’t stop there, put your shoes in a cube to keep your clothes clean, have a separate cube for your dirty clothes, or use one to keep your sometimes leaky toiletries away from everything else.

Collapsible Travel Cup

No more spending ridiculous amounts of money on bottled water at the airport! Once you’re done with airport security, simply grab your cup, unfold it, and grab some water at the nearest filling station, and go!

Carry-on Bag with Trolley Sleeve

Have you ever tried to balance your carry-on bag on your suitcase just to have it slip and fall at the worst possible time? Have you ever tried carrying your bag on your shoulder just to end up with pain in your neck by the time you make it to the gate? No more of that, OK! Next time, grab a bag with a trolley sleeve so that you can easily slip your bag on the handles of your suitcase, and it’ll stay comfortably in place and save you from joint pain later. 

Travel Adapter

Imagine arriving at your location tired from a long journey and running on empty, just like your electronics. You get checked into your hotel room and go to plug in your phone to let mom know you made it safely and… what the??? You can’t plug into their outlet. You need an adapter. Make sure you always have one on hand for those unexpected trips.

Inflatable Neck Pillow for airplane

Sometimes have a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep on airplanes? This unique little blow up device gives you a sense of peace and comfort. Makes sleeping upright a whole lot easier in tight spaces as well. Imagine how well rested and ready to go you will be after catching some Z’s in this beauty, Listen. It’s the little things that make the most significant difference in your travel experience. Try a few of these products and let me know if they make your life any easier.