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Making Grandma's Cool Again...

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Hey there!!!

I am Tamerra Picot, Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Glamma Travels LLC. Specializing in celebratory travel groups, multi-generational group cruises, married travel group trips, and the Caribbean Islands.

Having attended and completed the required courses to earn specialist designations with The Travel institute, I’m an avid travel connoisseur and well informed professional.

I recently earned a certificate of completion for Hospitality and Tourism Management through Florida Atlantic University.

As a Certified Sandals Specialist, Master AM Resort Agent and Caribbean Island Specialist, group travel, honeymoons, and group celebrations are a staple of Glamma Travels.

Mother of 5 children (4 of them adults) and grandmother of three wonderful, beautiful and delightful little ones.

Glamma is the perfect definition of my spirit.

Far too young and glamorous to accept being called grandmother, I carved out a space to bring together like-minded travelers and thus …”This Ain’t Yo Grandma’s Vacay!!!” was born!

Dedicated to encouraging friends and family to experience new adventures and to participate in new worlds, I approach the business of travel in much the same way I approach life…with unbridled joy and wholeheartedly.

My Partner In This Wonderful Adventure

We have a crazy kind of love story. We’ve known each other since we were both very young. I was in the 7th or 8th grade and he was a family friend. A nice guy. Cool people, although a bit weird. I remember that my friends and I called him Gomer Pyle, he had a thick southern accent at the time.

We went through some ish… You can’t be married for 24 years and not go through it. But we got through it. And the most important part. We also learned that we are really stronger together. I feel like I can accomplish almost anything with that man by my side! And I am grateful for the joys and pains.

Now when we became grandparents, baby, life changed. I was like okay I’m ready to quit this job.

You see, after working 16 years in the car industry and winning awards for Customer Service, planning, processes, having been quoted and published in National Automotive news, I still only got 2 weeks of vacation time a year. When you have a grandkid in Colorado and one in California, that pretty much means you have to choose and you can forget romantic trips and/or just time for yourself.

All of a sudden I realized that missing out on those “girl trips” and retreats was a price that I didn’t want to pay. Frank had been telling me for years that he would support anything I chose to pursue.

I’ve been given the opportunity to live out my passion by having my “till death do us part” partner and best friend help me run a successful travel business AND I get to create moments and opportunities for couples, families, and groups of friends to utilize their vacation time and get the most awesome experiences!

To find out how we can be of service to you, please contact us and one of our agents will gladly assist you.

My Promise To You

  • My agency will always apply payments directly to my clients’ trips
  • My agency will always provide a detailed invoice and copy of the vendor’s client confirmation within 7 days of payment.
  • My agency will always require a credit card authorization form along with appropriate documentation as required by the vendor. Otherwise, our written/memorialized communications will serve as sufficient authorization for any purchases.
  • My agency will always protect clients’ personal information in every way reasonably possible
  • My agency will always provide clients with contact information for my host agency or agencies so they can verify my identity.
  • My agency will always, upon request, release any bookings directly to the vendor.
  • My agency will always maintain all required licensing, legal, and contractual obligations as it pertains to my travel business. I will provide clients with said information upon request.
  • My agency will never represent myself as a travel insurance expert. I will offer clients general information and a copy of the proposed policy for review. I will defer to the proposed insurer for detailed information.
  • My agency will, in all communications and advertisements, convey the Seller of Travel Numbers of my host agency so long as my contract with them is valid and I have not breached any contractual or legal obligations.
  • My agency will always provide clients with accurate information regarding my experience and training.
  • My agency will endeavor to direct clients to the following resources in the event of a mishap in our business interactions:
    • To email me and call me at the contact information I provided at the time of our booking regarding any issues they may have. I will make sure to provide any records I have of previous contacts and will ask the client to do the same for clarity.
    • If I fail to respond within 14 days of a financial transaction, clients have been directed to contact the following:
    • ME! I may have just missed an email or voice mail 🙂
    • My host
    • The attorney general and/or any additional appropriate governing bodies of the state my agency is in
    • Better Business Bureau
  • My agency will address any issues or concerns regarding any transaction with all relevant documentation within 7 days of a client’s request for same.
  • My agency will maintain current, within 7 days of change, contact information including current legal name, address, email, phone, and other necessary personally identifiable information with my host and any local, state, administrative bodies, and/or federal entities as required by law, policy, or contractual obligation.