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We ain't your grandma's travel agency and this ain't your grandma's vacay!

We have a crazy kind of love story. We've known each other since we were both very young. I was in the 7th or 8th grade and he was a family friend. A nice guy. Cool people, although a bit weird. I remember that my friends and I called him Gomer Pyle, he had a thick southern accent at the time.

He moved away to the St. Louis area before I graduated high school. I never expected to hear from him, honestly never really even thought about him. It wasn't like we ever did anything together or spent time. He was literally just a guy my cousin's boyfriend brought around sometimes.

We had mutual friends, Sean and Abeni Jones. Frank still talked to them. Somehow, through them, we connected via the telephone. Now, mind you this is during the days of paying for long-distance calls and no cell phones. We talked for hours.

I'm sure I fell in love over the telephone but you know how young men can be. He says, "pack up your stuff and come out here to live". And baby, I packed up my stuff and moved to St. Louis. Best decision I ever made.

Then there was the merging of families. On top of the deployments. And the children. Lawd, those 5 kids test (it ain't past tense yet) my patience and can really drive me crazy! 

We were fortunate enough to be stationed back in San Diego (one day I'll tell y'all the story of how that came to be the 1st loss I took in our marriage) for the entirety of Frank's career in the Military.

Then we got the bright idea to purchase a home in Avon, Indiana. And that I would go live there with the 5 children while he finished his last tour (3 years). That didn't really go so well. I was totally and completely miserable. 

We went through some ish... You can't be married for 24 years and not go through it. But we got through it. And the most important part. We also learned that we are really stronger together. I feel like I can accomplish almost anything with that man by my side! And I am grateful for the joys and pains. 

Now when we became grandparents, baby, life changed. I was like okay I'm ready to quit this job.

You see, after working 16 years in the car industry and winning awards for Customer Service, planning, processes, having been quoted and published in National Automotive news, I still only got 2 weeks of vacation time a year. When you have a grandkid in Colorado and one in California, that pretty much means you have to choose and you can forget romantic trips and/or just time for yourself. 

All of a sudden I realized that missing out on those "girl trips" and retreats was a price that I didn't want to pay. Frank had been telling me for years that he would support anything I chose to pursue. 

I've been given the opportunity to live out my passion by having my "till death do us part" partner and best friend help me run a successful travel business AND I get to create moments and opportunities for couples, families, and groups of friends to utilize their vacation time and get the most awesome experiences!

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