A Guide to Aruba’s Hidden Gems

Aruba is one of the finest locations for soaking yourself in endless amounts of sunshine, white sand, and crystal-clear waters. If you visit Aruba anytime soon, it may be worth taking a break from your group and other tourists and going off the beaten path and enjoying the island like one of the locals.

If you read on, you won’t find any mention of wildly popular tourist stops and activities like Aruba Aloe Factory & Museum or Philip’s Animal Garden. This post is all about the local gems that’ll get you out of the ordinary activities and into the heart of The Happy Island.

So, here is our round-up of the most scenic local attractions in Aruba:

Secret New Nature Pool

This Nature Pool is located near Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins in Aruba. This pool is not easy to find, but if you keep your eyes open, you might just see it.

There is a small entrance that’s hidden and difficult to find. Once you get closer, you’ll notice a wooden ladder as you approach, and once you reach the bottom, you’ll understand the significance of what awaits you.

This tiny natural swimming pool is surrounded by stone, making it the perfect location for private swimming and snorkeling.

You can also relax at the edge and immerse yourself in the beauty this secluded location has to offer.

Quadirikiri Caves 

Want to experience an unexpected and mysterious place? If so, Quadirikiri Caves is the place you should visit during your trip to Aruba. Situated on the Arikok National Park’s southern end, this stunning attraction offers a little bit of everything for curious travelers, from the incredible natural light and beautiful scenery to challenging hikes.

Exploring Quadirikiri is considered an adventure, as you’ll journey in complete darkness until you start to see sunlight peeking through the holes.

But be warned, it’s one of the main nesting spots for bats, so you can expect to see one come your way when roaming in the caves!

Palm Beach Strip 

As the name suggests, the Palm Beach Strip offers the combined experience of palm trees and a sandy beach. A day on the strip is a day filled with shopping, sampling local food and drinks at beachfront restaurants, taking pictures by the famous I Love ARUBA sign, riding the trolley, and dancing in the street. Plus, there is a butterfly museum within a 30-minute walk from the Palm Beach Strip.

Ayo Rock Formations 

Aruba is home to the Ayo Rock formations. These monolithic stones are genuinely breathtaking.

Here is a perfect place to capture magnificent views with your camera. You can climb to the top of it and grab your very own stunning photo.

Rodger’s Beach 

No crowds and no hassle at this beach—just you and the sand and ocean in a quiet cove.

The charming and peaceful Roger’s beach is must-see. 

It’s not the most popular beach in Aruba, which might make it a perfect getaway for couples and families looking to experience peace, tranquility, and clear water. 

Aruba’s unique charisma and serenity set it apart from other beach destinations.

You won’t want to leave with this island destination’s incredible beauty, friendly people, and relaxed vibe. And when you venture off the beaten path to the island’s heart, you’ll make your experience that much better. 

I hope you enjoy exploring some of Aruba’s hidden gems as much as we have. We always encourage you to get off the beaten path. Don’t just be tourists, become culturally immersed.

Love, Glamma