7 Things You Must Experience in Dubai

Dubai is a unique and mesmerizing city.  From the beauty of the deserts to the hustle of the busy urban life, there is so much to see and experience.  There is no limit to the exciting things you can do and experience in Dubai. 

Here are some of the activities Glamma Travels loves to plan for group trips to Dubai.

World’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is one of the must-visit locations in Dubai.  The building is located in the city’s centre and serves as a hub of activity.  Simply looking at Burj Khalifa in awe can make your day memorable.  But venturing into the building is also worth your time.  You can capture perfect day or night shots of the city on your camera from the observation deck or dine at The Sky Lounge.

Glamma’s Tribe member at Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Fountain

At the base of the Burj Khalifa, there is the Dubai Fountain.  The fountain displays powerful water jets that shoot streams as high as 150 meters in the air and sway to musical numbers.  You can see the mesmerizing fountains in the evening as the displays start at sundown and play every 30 minutes until 11 pm.  In addition, there are several restaurants near the fountain where you can dine with your family.

Glamma’s Travel Tribe in the Desert. Dubai 2023

The Desert

Dubai has a lot to offer you through various activities, but the tranquillity you are looking for is available in the desert.  You can go on a desert safari to see the natural views of the Arabian desert.  There are also thrilling sports activities like sandboarding and quad biking for adventure lovers.  If you participate in an evening safari, you’ll be able to catch a sunset while you ride a camel, get a henna tattoo, and watch a belly dancing and fire show!

Glamma’s Travel Tribe at the the Dubai Fountain show. Dubai mall 2023

The Dubai Mall

Located next to the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall is one of the world’s most prominent high-end shopping destinations.  In addition to shopping, Dubai Mall offers a variety of entertainment and leisure activities.  There are over 1200 retail stores, two large departmental stores, and hundreds of food courts.   Even if you spent the entire trip there, it would be virtually impossible to see it all. 

Dubai marina 2023

Dubai Marina

To visit the city’s most iconic locations, you must visit the Dubai Marina.  It’s one of the liveliest tourist attractions in Dubai.  As you stroll along the Marina, you can go for a walk or enjoy the views on a dhow cruise.  The iconic buildings and waterside lounges will make you want to stay there for hours. 

Glamma’s Travel Tribe at the Grand Mosque

Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

Take a ride about 1 hour from Dubai to the ultra-luxe Abu Dhabi.  You’ll learn the history of Abu Dhabi and gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the local culture.  You’ll get to admire the stunning architecture of the Sheikh Zayah Grand Mosque.

Global Village, Dubai 2023

Global Village

One of the most popular places we take our groups to visit. Global Village is a world without borders. A world where more than 90 cultures come together to celebrate wonder. The vision is a cultural melting pot and it is an amazing sight to behold.

From bustling bazaars to breathtaking performances, unique cuisines and shopping options, the best of the world comes together at Global Village.

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