Sometimes you gotta celebrate yourself! Happy Black History Month

"And then every fear I had was silently put to rest. And at the right time, I found myself surrounded by the right people. And when I needed motivation or inspiration, it appeared before me in many forms, almost as if I had commanded it with my thoughts. All that was required of me was was that I accept my greatness."

~Tamerra Louise Picot

I wrote that January 24, 2015. It seems like that is so long ago because so much has happened and changed in my life. Just 4 years ago, I was working full time in the car industry and also working part-time for a local grocery store so that I could save enough money to take a chance on myself by creating Glamma Travels. I was also taking online courses at The Travel Institute and raising 2 kids and being a wife. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to make my dream a reality but I knew that I wasn't going to let fear or doubt stop me.

So today is the first day of Black History Month and I am highlighting myself. I want you to understand my reasons. In my family completing college and getting a stable, well-paying job is the standard and the expectation.

Glamma working as a Customer Relations Manager in the automotive industry.

And then one day my boss (who I am good friends with to this day) was having a conversation with me, after almost a decade of working to meet and exceed every challenge I was given, he explained to me that my position in the company would only ever be able to earn so much money. Basically, he was telling me that I was going to have to learn to be happy with accepting what I was being given. He was explaining the "glass ceiling" to me. That conversation changed my life and we are still great friends because I'm so grateful to him for that honest conversation, it gave me the push that I needed to take my talents to work for someone that would place no limits or boundaries on my desire for greatness, me!

Glamma Travels LLC began as a full-service travel agency that I worked part-time while I juggled family life and my full-time job. I started making my business a name in my community. At this time I was asked to make a choice between working the job that I had been successful at for almost a decade (with a guaranteed salary) or Glamma Travels LLC. That choice was presented right before I went to lunch. I came back from lunch with my resignation and 2 weeks notice. It felt great to choose me.

Glamma Travels in the community. "This ain't yo grandma's vacay"

Focusing on group travel and certain locations in the Caribbean and Mexico I have been able to build a network of partnerships and support systems for my business. I've been able to focus on celebrations, destination weddings, and all-inclusive resorts. I host at least 3 group trips a year and try to always include a cruise that allows everyone to enjoy spending time with their families without breaking the bank. While I still occasionally help clients with Las Vegas or Miami or New York, I've become very educated and experienced at planning and executing group travel to Caribbean islands, and that is my focus. I love planning trips.

Glamma Travels hosting a group cruise to Jamaica

I am Black history because I am the first person in my immediate family (parents, grandparents, great grandparents) to own their own business. Y'all, I am Black Girl Magic! I celebrate me because baby if you knew my story! I celebrate me because I don't look like what I been through! I celebrate me because my little Black girl's first job will be in a company that I built!  I celebrate me because I am a Black Woman that said to hell with the ceiling, I'll build my own damn thang!   Happy Black History Month, yall! And don't forget to celebrate YOU!

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  1. Filbert Ejogbamu-ajayi on

    Priceless! totally mind blowing, keep it up and don’t forget to keep aiming the top!NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!U R UR OWN GENIUS!


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