Vacation and Wellness, my experience in Mexico

Have you ever felt like you really needed a break? Have you ever felt emotionally and physically drained? Have you ever been sick and tired, both literally and figuratively? Do you sometimes think to yourself that you could use a vacation and then get stressed at the idea of planning and spending money on a vacation?

I’ve felt all of these things and more. This past July I found myself trying to recover from illness and figure out how to run a business without killing myself and I was broke. It was like a perfect storm. I usually always have a vacation planned because having a countdown is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane. I enjoy looking forward to my next tropical island. I was released from the hospital on July 3rd and I was on a plane to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on July 14th.

Pop Pop and I arrived at Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta resort in Nuevo Vallarta and I was immediately given ice cold cucumber water (not much liquor for me on this trip) and a cold, refreshing towel. Our bags were whisked away and our check in was fast and efficient. We went to our room and enjoyed the calming beauty of the ocean view and then we took a nap before dinner. Yep, we got there and took a nap. This entire 7 days was to be spent loving ourselves and healing ourselves and napping! Rest and relaxation were the names of the game.

Every single morning we woke up and went for a 45 minute to an hour walk on this beautiful, soft sand with the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean lapping softly at our feet as the sun rose. After our morning walk, we would go to “The Market” restaurant and have the most delicious made to order eggs and buffet style breakfast. Every morning I tried a different smoothie with breakfast, the “blood pressure” and “stress-free” smoothies were my favorite. And every evening after dinner at Zen, Ipanema, Ciao or Frida we would take another walk on the gorgeous beach as we watched some of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen.

After breakfast, we would change into our swimwear and head down to the main pool for water aerobics. This is a fun activity and it’s also very refreshing to splash and get wet in the intense heat that Mexico is famous for in July. We definitely had a lot of fun and more importantly, we were moving our bodies, making friends and moving the scale the right way for our mental and physical health.

Hard Rock Vallarta had Mexican Night and it was a huge fiesta. We enjoyed the party atmosphere and being able to sit at a nice sized round table with people we had never met and making new friends and learning about new cultures.

I always center my reviews around the service. When I told the bartender that I wasn’t drinking for health reasons, he found new and creative ways to make me happy without liquor. The amazing servers at our restaurants brought me delicious and healthy options that weren’t on the menu. The fitness instructors made sure to come and find us every single day so that we didn’t miss our water aerobics and also to include us in any fun activities happening on the beach.

We spent 7 days in paradise at Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta and I came home refreshed and healthier than when I left. Vacation can have a healing effect on your body and your mind if you plan it correctly. There are many places that cater to your physical well being. The spas and food choices and entertainment teams can all help to create an environment of peace and safety. I am living proof that you can lose weight on vacation while still having amazing food experiences and enjoying every moment of your time away. And even if you can’t consume alcohol for health reasons, the bartenders at Hard Rock Vallarta will take “excellente” care of you.

I am grateful for every vacation that Pop Pop and I are able to enjoy together but I’m really at a loss for words to explain how amazing our time away together is when we are able to focus on “self-care” and loving ourselves and each other. I hope you’re able to take a wellness vacation soon and if you need help planning, give Glamma a call!



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