About Us -Glamma Travels, This ain't yo Grandma's Vacay!

Tamerra Picot is the Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Glamma Travels LLC. Specializing in celebratory travel groups, multi-generational group cruises, married travel group trips, and the Caribbean Islands. Having attended and completed the required courses to earn specialist designations with The Travel institute Tamerra, CTA, is an avid travel connoisseur and well informed professional. As a Certified Sandals Specialist and Caribbean Island Specialist, group travel, honeymoons, and group celebrations are a staple of Glamma Travels.

Mother of 5 children, 4 of them adults, and grandmother of three wonderful, beautiful and delightful little ones, Lennox The King, Amerra, and Audrena. Glamma is the perfect definition of Tamerra’s spirit. Far too young and glamorous to accept being called grandmother, she carved out a space to bring together like-minded travelers and thus …This Ain’t Yo Grandma's Vacay!!!    was born!

Dedicated to encouraging friends and family to experience new adventures and to participate in new worlds, Tamerra approaches the business of travel in much the same way she approaches life, with unbridled joy and wholeheartedly.

Frank Picot, affectionately known as PopPop, is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Glamma Travels LLC. A retired United States Navy Chief with over 20 years of service, Frank has been to over 40 countries in his career. During his time of service, he dreamed of being able to take his wife and children to the beautiful and intriguing places that he visited. His time in the military provides him with special insights owed to his many briefings and courses on the different cultures and customs of the people in the world around us.

Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens and COO at Glamma Travels, Frank is the epitome of, “never met a stranger”. His uncanny ability to bring together groups of people and make everyone feel comfortable is a gift Glamma Travels has utilized in creating group cruises and getaways for friends and family reunions. 

Excited to begin a new chapter of life, Frank is eager to invite all of his friends and family to join him in his journeys of continuing to explore the world.

Wondering why you should grab your love and come on a group trip for married couples with Glamma Travels?

People often ask us what is the key to a happy marriage.

"There is no secret answer. We love each other. And we work very hard to have time together. We try to spend as much time as possible with other happily married couples, preferably out of the country. He is actually a really cool dude and a lot of fun to be around! 24 years of marriage doesn't really seem like it's been that long. lol! I swear he still makes me feel like a teenager" -Tamerra

"Communication. Understand that communication isn't just talking to each other. Communication is listening to each other. Non-verbal communication can be more important than verbal. The non-verbal cues that we use really help us to interact with each other. " -Frank

Future Group Trips planned and offered by Glamma Travels

Some times we don't want to be around children or single people. We want to be boo'd up. Glamma has a trip for that. Come with us to Riviera Maya as we spend a fabulous 5 days August 6-11, 2020 celebrating love and spending time with other couples. We love all-inclusive resorts that allow us the opportunity to explore and find and adventure as well as relax and spending much needed time alone.

Sometimes we enjoy spending time with all of our friends, family and loved ones. Glamma has a trip for that. Join us as we cruise the Southern Caribbean September 13-20 or Thanksgiving week as we leave from New Orleans to Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel. 

If you want to plan your family reunion cruise (we do this GREAT), your girl's trip to Jamaica, annual class trips, milestone birthday parties in the Caribbean. We are happy to provide you a custom quote at any time!!!

Please check back in with us as we add trips (they sell out) often!!!

Click on any of the pictures for more information about the trips.

Couples Only All-inclusive get away to Mexico

Celebrating our 24th anniversary this year we totally understand that sometimes, you have to take care of the lover in you! You have to escape to somewhere sexy to stoke the flames of passion. This is the trip for the lover in you!

Glamma's Southern Caribbean Cruise Sept 13-20, 2020

If you have always dreamed of visiting sexy islands like Barbados and St. Lucia. If you love the food and the heat and the authenticity of the Puerto Rican people, you want to be aboard for this 7 day Southern Caribbean Cruise leaving San Juan, Puerto Rico on September 13th

Glamma Travels hosting a group cruise aboard Carnival Glory Thanksgiving 2020

Grandparents, parents, aunties, cousins, y'all can bring errybody! Glamma Travels does multi-generational family travel like no one else. Thanksgiving week and we will be sailing from New Orleans (a destination in itself) to Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel. You should bring your family and join us.